To our english speaking friends…

A vue from the helicopter in which Richard Nixon left the White House lawn in 1974.

Hi there,

First of all, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Head. Richard Head. But you can call me Dick. I’m the editor of « Fog Off ! », a news oriented web paper by Dick Head, with dick heads, for dick heads. Which means our newborn (not really) community is potentially endless…

Our goal ? To boldly go where the media pundits do not go any more. That is behind the words and in the heads of our politicians and the journalists that cover them, whatever their medium, trying to understand what they REALLY mean.

Understanding the news is our moto. Soon, there will be an editorial piece about it. So stay tuned for more !

Dick Head


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13 thoughts on “To our english speaking friends…

  1. Sorry to be posting comments here but there’s something bothering me…
    Are we living in a world of lies? We are bombarded by media lies. They even instilled nonsensical values and beliefs in us. I’ve learnt that the government has a lot of lies that are kept away from the public.

    WikiLeaks did shed some light and yet, the media tried to portray them as a « danger ».

    I used to think the world is a peaceful and happy place to be. But that is a made-belief.
    Women don’t like nice gentlemen at all. They like jerks.
    Women don’t see gentlemen as a ‘suitable husband’, they view them as ‘nerds’.

    The world is run by money. You and me may say that money is not the answer, but the others says otherwise.
    Majority wins over minorities and the voices of minorities are ignored.

    What a tragic world… we are selfish, we are arrogant, and we are ignorant.

  2. I was wondering if this really is accurate, i’ve to alter my point of view. Due to the fact here in Germany, there are plenty of other opinions in this theory. Thanks a great deal for this brainer!

  3. Good write-up, you am normal caller of one’s site, say up the good operate, as well as It is starting to be the unchanging caller for the extensive time. « Our opinions do not unequivocally freshness in to delight until you have voiced them to someone else. » by Mark Twain.

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